Off Roading in Virginia

Virginia holds incredible beauty and stunning landscapes, making it a prime destination for overlanding. Exploring its rich culture, captivating scenery, and outdoor activities makes it an ideal spot for this adventure style.

Here's a rundown of the top overlanding trails in Virginia:

  1. Peter’s Mill Run OHV Trail: A shorter, 13-kilometer trail near Fort Valley, suitable for experienced drivers due to its rocky terrain. It’s best tackled with a high-clearance vehicle, offering a mix of rocky paths and dirt roads.

  2. Spearhead Trails (Mountain View): These trails in Coeburn offer diverse experiences for ATV riders but are navigable by any capable vehicle. They feature varying difficulty levels, spanning 118 miles through captivating mountain views and diverse flora and fauna.

  3. Flagpole Knob: An easy 21-kilometer trail with panoramic mountain views accessible via Switzer Lake Road, Union Springs, or Briery Branch Gap. This route requires a 4x4 vehicle due to elevation changes.

  4. Potts Mountain Jeep Trail: A challenging 24-kilometer trail near Paint Bank, ideal for adrenaline-pumping adventures. This rugged route demands a 4x4 high-clearance vehicle for safe navigation.

  5. Big Levels 4x4 Trail – Blue Ridge OHV Route: A moderately challenging 27.4-kilometer route with narrow paths and elevation changes. Accessible from Coal Road or the Blue Ridge Parkway, it requires a capable 4x4 vehicle

  6. Coal Road: A straightforward 23-kilometer trail accessible to any road-legal vehicle. Although it’s short, it provides a smooth ride with minor obstacles like potholes, offering a peaceful solo or family trip.

  7. Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route: While not solely in Virginia, this 1740-kilometer route starts from Damascus, taking overlanders through various terrains and natural landscapes in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

  8. Reddish Knob Spur: A 31.2-kilometer multi-use trail near Dayton, featuring mostly gravel and dirt roads. It’s relatively easy to navigate and offers stunning forest views and wildlife sightings.

  9. Pocahontas OHV Trail: Spanning 120 kilometers, this trail system caters to various experience levels, featuring a mix of dirt roads, muddy tracks, and elevated ledges. A permit is necessary for access.

  10. Savage River State Forest: Offering more than 54,000 acres of diverse terrains, this network of trails welcomes hunters, motorists, bikers, and hikers. Its low traffic allows for a serene experience in nature..

Virginia's expansive land and varied landscapes make it an exciting destination for overlanding. Remember to be well-prepared, carry essential gear, follow Leave No Trace Principles, and prioritize safety during your adventures.